Contractor Consultant

A US electronics company had been employing a foreign Director of Quality for some years. They had already renewed his contract three times and so due to Chinese regulations were prohibited from extending it further. However due to the nature of his work, there were several key projects at their facility that required his attention beyond the contract finishing date. i-Five was able to directly employ him on the client’s behalf to act as their Quality Consultant for several months to oversee the projects completion, after which we parted ways.

The Company Set-Up

One of our old cases saw us help an international recruitment firm in the oil and gas sector provide the platform to employ their client’s contractors ahead of their official registration in China. Their client’s projects were moving at a faster time frame than their company registration and they required an outsourcing service in order to keep the project on schedule. i-Five was able to employ the contractors on their behalf to allow them to complete the business deal and focus on finalising their company set-up. They now have several offices around China and are able to directly employ their in house staff and contractors themselves.

Mediate a Dispute

After a dispute over an accident at work resulted in tension between our client and a staff member employed by us on their behalf, relations turned frosty. The client based in Canada was unaware of the employment regulations in China and the laws surrounding resolving such issues. i-Five was able to act as a mediator between the two parties to prevent escalation and reach an amicable agreement.

The Visa Service

One of our contractors was required to leave Shanghai on a business trip in the middle of his work permit application procedure. Originally the plan was for him to meet our team at the visa office to collect his passport after his meetings were finished and before his outbound flight. However due to a last minute adjustment in his agenda, he informed us of the new timetable that would see him finish his meetings later than expected. Our visa consultant was able to go to the visa office to pick up his passport and rush to Hongqiao Airport to meet him 1 hour before his departure.

International Immigration

A US law firm contacted us to assist in their client’s immigration case. The staff were expatriating to China in order to work on their regional projects. i-Five was able to provide the consultation and the visa services to both the US law firm and their client in order to obtain all relevant visas, work permits and registration forms, whilst at the same time directly employing them in order to successfully start their work.

Payroll Outsourcing

Our client, a design company from Hong Kong, initially only employed three staff at their base in Guangzhou. They undertook an expansion project and registered a legal entity in Shanghai, thereby expanding their headcount to 50 over the course of the year. They outsourced their HR payroll activities to us and we handled all admin for salary calculation with any allowances, pay slip calculation, the outgoing staff exit process and scheduled pay. We also consulted on establishing their pensions and housing fund accounts and updated any HR policies according to the Guangzhou and Shanghai regulations. Given our full scope of services within JMGemini, we also handled the recruitment of their new staff.